COD Beach Volleyball opens 2017 at Grossmont Quad

COD Beach Volleyball opens 2017 at Grossmont Quad

COD Beach Volleyball entered its first foray into Collegiate Beach Volleyball at the Grossmont Quad. 

Head Coach Detlev Rothe stated, "Though we didn't win any matches, our top pairing of Kaylie Edgar(C, #12) and Marisol Ruiz (#3) took Pierce College's top team to a 3rd set and lost 13-15! This was their first collegiate match together and a fantastic match with nearly a huge upset.  They also battled Saddleback to a 16-21 and 20-22 loss. Grossmont, the defending state champions, were clearly the class of the day but we scored more points in an aggregate total over the 5 matches than did Saddleback, and generally we were competitive up and down the ladder.  Just not experienced enough to close the door on a few sets that were nearly in hand."

Coach Rothe continued, "Marion and I couldn't be more proud. The team conducted itself knowledgeably and with high class and character for being the newbies to this. Really looking forward to this coming Friday at Huntington Beach vs. OCC and Glendale. I am sure OCC will be tough but I hope to be competitive with both and grab some pairing wins if not a match."

Coach Rothe continued, "Most of all the players had a great time, learned a ton and got better, and the atmosphere is a blast and everyone is stoked to have taken part. Thanks to you all for helping get this off the ground. It's a winner in my book!"

PAIRINGS for 3/10/17 (first player listed is team captain)

Team 1 Kaylie Edgar & Marisol Ruiz
Team 2 Shay Mesa & Allix Durrum
Team 3 London Felder & Alysha Garcia
Team 4 Jade Adair & Ashley Schwartz
Team 5 Joanna Garcia & Aaliyah Charley

Article & Photo by Detlev Rothe (COD Beach Volleyball Coach)
Information, Photos & Story provided by COD Sports Information.